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eragotte wrote:

First, thanks for doing this; I look forward to a response.

I was originally planning to apply to Tuck for r1 this year, but instead elected to spend an extra year at work with a promotion looming and 36 months’ work experience looking a little low compared to Tuck’s average. Tuck is my number one choice, and it is not even close. Tuck will likely be the only American school I apply to in September 2013. I am looking to position myself to receive as large a scholarship as possible.

How many full-tuition scholarships does Tuck give out each year?
Does Tuck look for anything different (merit-wise) for scholarships than it does for acceptance?
How can I improve my profile in the next year before applying to increase my chances of both scholarship and acceptance?

Profile at time of application:

Age: 25, recently married
WE: 4 years of progressive work experience (1 year Management Training, 1 Year Analyst, 1 year Internal Strategy Consultant, 1 Year Manager), top reviews throughout
GMAT: 750
GPA: 3.7 from top Canadian Business program
Competitive athlete
Lots of leadership experience, moderate community involvement


Hi Eragotte! Thanks for your question - we're excited to be on GMAT Club! The number of scholarships we grant varies year to year. The criteria we use for selecting scholarship recipients does not differ from the admissions criteria. If yoiu are interested in a scholarship, it is critical that you complete the scholarship application by the deadline for the round in which you are applying.

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Scholarships Reach All-Time High

Thanks to a $15 million gift that ties the record for the largest donation ever given to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, more business students than ever will have a chance to earn scholarship funding to cover their Tuck MBA. The donation, provided by Paul Raether (T’73 and TP’03) and his family, will substantially improve Tuck’s ability to recruit top-tier students and will have a significant impact on helping students pay for their schooling.

“This gift will have a tremendous impact on one of Tuck’s most important strategic priorities: enrolling incoming students who aspire to wise leadership, and who will contribute to and thrive in Tuck’s distinctly immersive learning community,” Luke Anthony Peña, Tuck executive director of admissions and financial aid, said of the gift in a press release.

Supporting Tuck has been a family affair for the Raethers for some time. Paul Raether, his wife, Wendy, and their three daughters and sons-in-law—including alumni Alexa Raether Maddock (T’03) and Fernando Maddock, Jr. (T’03)—all have made prior philanthropic contributions to the school to support scholarships, faculty endowments, and facilities. Some of the gifts included donating to the Tuck Annual Giving program as well as providing support to the Next Step: Transition to Business program for military veterans and elite athletes.

“Tuck has been a wonderful institution for us and for my daughter and son-in-law, so we are motivated to actively support it,” Paul Raether said at the time of this most recent gift. “We want Tuck to attract the best and the brightest students, and hopefully, this gift will help.”

This most recent gift is the cherry on top of a successful year for scholarship fundraising at Tuck. In spring 2017, Tuck leaders set out on a mission to create more scholarships for Tuck students. “When Tuck closed the books on its fiscal year in June 2017, the market value of Tuck’s scholarship endowment was $87.6 million. By calendar year-end, an additional $20 million had been raised for scholarships,” read a release from the school.

In a separate news story from the university, Dean Matthew Slaughter acknowledged the scholarship donations. “I am humbled by the wonderful generosity our alumni have shown for Tuck and energized by the opportunities these scholarship funds open for the most deserving students, who will then enrich our community that much more,” he said. “I can’t thank our alumni enough.”

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