Compulsory Military Service Essay

Mandatory Military Service Essay

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As many other countries mandate young adults partaking in the military for two years, the United States should follow suit. Many beneficial consequences would be rendered as a result of the increase in service. This would also be a great commencement into the real world for any young adult. These statements can be explored by discussing the benefits of free college tuition, disciplined young adults who are ready to follow orders, and the sheer power of numbers.
One exceptional perk of joining the military would be free college tuition. This would allow the students who have not excelled as fast as others a doorway to achieve their full potential. This would also benefit the United States as a whole country. Along with expanding the…show more content…

Another benefit of mandating the service of young adults is that they would be disciplined and setup for success in life as a productive citizen of the United States. Military boot camp is designed to break the recruit down to where they are not better than any other recruit, and then they train them to do their best in every task they approach. This creates unrivaled discipline and extreme excellence in every operation the United States military executes. Not only will this be useful while in military service, but also when they begin to operate in the working world. This requirement will unify the working force as a result of the mandated service. Businesses will be able to work efficiently and accurately in all that they accomplish. Again, this will improve the United States as a country. Why would the United States refuse this mandate? The only reason would be that they bring the law down to the lowest denominator of the few people who argue with the benefits. These people might say that not all people are designed to be in the military. However, the military has jobs for every make and model. Every talent is useful to the military. Making young adult serve in the military for two years would actually give them time to figure out what their future career is meant to be. Some people cannot ever be satisfied, and would object to anything! On the contrary, decisions that have the abundance of benefits as mandating service for young

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Topic: Many countries have compulsory military service for men after they leave school. I would be a good idea for all countries to adopt this system for men and possibly women.

In most countries the military service is obligatory for young people after finishing school. Some people think that it is a good system and should be adopted by all countries. I don't agree with this view because I believe that unless there is no any danger of war this system can cause many negative effects on both society and state budget.

On the one hand, I accept that military service has positive effects on people like teaching them to be strong and survive in danger situations. Also it makes people more accurately and disciplined as well as physically stronger and healthier. Soldiers, for example, are mcore likely to be accurate, shaved and not dirty, while in our society there are many people who don't care about it.

At the same time, I strongly believe people don't need to attend to army for reaching these positive points. Everybody can develop these good habits by themselves. Moreover, I think forcing young people to take military service is not a good idea for countries which are not in a war situation or in danger zones like the Middle East. Furthermore, it could results in problem in society not only because of government want their children to serve in the army but also because of increasing public expenditures. To maintain army is not easy and it costs much money. Since the state budget has to cover these expenses the tax payers can argue that having bigger arm than that they do is useless and they don't want their money to be spent in this way. It is possible that the most of them will consider it nothing more than wasting of money.

In conclusion, I agree that countries have to have compulsory military service but these are those countries which are in danger of war.

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