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Tzvetan Todorov
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The Conquest of America: The Question of the Other
byTzvetan Todorov, Richard Howard(Translator), Anthony Pagden(Foreword by)
3.99 avg rating — 862 ratings — published 1982 — 28 editions
The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre
byTzvetan Todorov, Richard Howard(Translator), Robert Scholes(Designed by)
3.87 avg rating — 808 ratings — published 1970 — 22 editions
La littérature en péril
byTzvetan Todorov
3.85 avg rating — 266 ratings — published 2007 — 18 editions
الخوف من البرابرة: ما وراء صدام الحضارات
byTzvetan Todorov, جان ماجد جبور(translator)
3.85 avg rating — 183 ratings — 25 editions
In Defence of the Enlightenment
byTzvetan Todorov
3.74 avg rating — 160 ratings — published 2006 — 16 editions
Facing The Extreme: Moral Life in the Concentration Camps
byTzvetan Todorov
4.23 avg rating — 132 ratings — published 1991 — 15 editions
Introduction To Poetics
byTzvetan Todorov, Richard Howard(Translator)
3.96 avg rating — 138 ratings — published 2003 — 7 editions
الأمل والذاكرة: خلاصة القرن العشرين
byTzvetan Todorov, نرمين عبدالله العمري(ترجمة)
3.96 avg rating — 113 ratings — published 2000 — 11 editions
Mikhail Bakhtin: The Dialogical Principle
byTzvetan Todorov, Wlad Godzich(Translator)
4.04 avg rating — 90 ratings — published 1981 — 6 editions
The Poetics of Prose
byTzvetan Todorov
3.69 avg rating — 78 ratings — published 1971 — 15 editions
Los enemigos íntimos de la democracia
byTzvetan Todorov
3.79 avg rating — 75 ratings — published 2012 — 18 editions
Teoría de la literatura de los formalistas rusos
byTzvetan Todorov, Roman Jakobson(Contributor), Boris Eichenbaum(Contributor), Viktor Vinogradov(Contributor)
4.13 avg rating — 61 ratings — published 1965 — 16 editions
Nous Et Les Autres: La Réflexion Française Sur La Diversité Humaine
byTzvetan Todorov
4.05 avg rating — 59 ratings — published 1989 — 11 editions
الحياة المشتركة: بحث أنثروبولوجى عام
byTzvetan Todorov, منذر عياشي(ترجمة)
3.84 avg rating — 49 ratings — published 1995 — 15 editions
Memory as a Remedy for Evil
byTzvetan Todorov, Gila Walker(Translator)
3.90 avg rating — 42 ratings — published 2000 — 10 editions
Imperfect Garden: The Legacy of Humanism
byTzvetan Todorov, Carol Cosman(Translator)
4.43 avg rating — 35 ratings — published 1998 — 14 editions
The New World Disorder: Reflections of a European
byTzvetan Todorov, Stanley Hoffmann(Preface by)
2.94 avg rating — 52 ratings — published 2003 — 15 editions

Todorov's Biography & Bibliography



Tzvetan Todorov (Bulgaria, 1939) comes from the Russian formalist tradition and has contributed to the development of literary structuralism. He has examined the notion of the symbol and redefined the fundamental concepts of semiotics, a field which he says derives from "symbolics", he says.

Todorov's two major works on semiotics are Theories of the Symbol (1982) [1977] and Symbolism and Interpretation (1982) [1978]. His theory defines the relationship between history, discourse and enunciation, and proposes a definition of the symbolism of language based on the distinction he makes between language and discourse. Todorov also defines the distinction between the sign and the symbol, which are based on a text's direct meaning and indirect content, respectively.

Todorov is currently a director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Selected Bibliography


In English

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In French

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