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As a child, I was not fond of eating out. My family would eat at a restaurant, diner, or buffet at least once a week, often more than once. Every time we went anywhere, but for a little place called Rivenee’s, it was a challenge for my parents to find proper food and a nice atmosphere. Rivenee’s was that lucky exception—I loved the place and this made my parents love it too. The restaurant seemed magical and fascinating to me when I was an elementary school kid, and surprisingly, the place still fascinates me today. Recently, when I visited my old family house for Thanksgiving, I was astonished and pleased to find out the place still operated and, in fact, was still run by the same family. Apart from the house in which I grew up, Rivenee’s is probably the dearest place to me in the small town, just outside of San Ramon, where I was born and raised.

Rivenee’s is a small and cozy place, and this is what probably garnered my love of the restaurant initially. This, and the people who worked and still work there. Unlike more spacious restaurants, diners, and chain buffets my parents also took

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IELTS Cue Card Sample 2 - Your favorite restaurant

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IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite Restaurant.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • what it looks like inside and outside
  • what kinds of foods they serve

and explain what makes this restaurant so special to you and others.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Follow-up Questions:

  • Which one is better: home-made foods or foods from a restaurant?
  • What traditional foods do you have in your country?
  • What are the tourist attractions in your city?

Cue card Answer 1:  
Thank you very much for giving me the chance to talk about my favourite restaurant. The name of my favourite restaurant is (say the name of the restaurant you are going to talk about) and it’s situated in the centre place of the city I am currently living in. Not only I like the spacious, serene environment, tasty menus that the restaurant serves, but I have lots of memories related to this restaurant. I remember that my parents celebrated some of my birthday parties there, our college friends arranged the get-together parties, one of my cousins’ marriage ceremony was celebrated there and similarly I attended lots of other parties at this very restaurant.

The restaurant has 3 floors and the sitting arrangement is quite nice. Paintings of famous artists have been hanging on the walls and the place is quite neat and clean. The interior decoration is charming and gorgeous feeling. The ground floor is spacious and can accommodate more than 50 cars' parking. The front view of the restaurant is different as the place gives the impression of an urban garden.

The restaurant offers several dishes including exotic desserts, ice-creams and also offers a separate place for the kids to play and have fun. The prices are reasonable and the foods are served quickly as opposed to some other restaurants where you will have to wait for a long for your foods to appear on your table. The waiters and other staffs are friendly and welcoming. The restaurant offers Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai, Pakistani and local menus that give you a wide range of options to pick from. The soft background music and instrumentals make the environment more enjoyable and soothing. The tables are not congested   and people can chat over their personal topics without interruption. The long glass made windows offer the city view which makes the place worth visiting besides the delicious foods. The place must be a good place to be as I often found the foreign tourists visiting the restaurant. The authority lets the customers provide their feedbacks and comments on foods and the place and as I have noticed they take prompt action on a customer complaint.

In short, this is a really nice restaurant to go and enjoy the delicious meals.

Cue card Answer 2:
Today I am going to talk about my favourite restaurant. Where it is, what it looks like, the kinds of food it serves and why it is so special to me.

My favourite restaurant is in England! It is actually in the suburbs of the city of Sheffield which is where I live. The restaurant is on a busy street very near to a large park. It is quite a small and hectic place called Jonty’s because Jonty is the name of the person who set up the business.

From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look very impressive. It has large glass windows at the front, and some benches outside for people to sit on if they are waiting to go in. There used to be a large sign with the name of the restaurant written on it in big letters, but recently they have taken down the sign and not yet replaced it! Inside there are lots of square wooden tables, each with about four chairs around them. The restaurant is on two levels, I prefer to go upstairs to the first floor because there you can sometimes get a window seat and enjoy watching people as they go past in the street outside.

The restaurant serves mainly breakfast and lunch meals. It does really good coffee – I like their latte’s best – and lots of sandwiches, salads and special soups. The restaurant also has a selection of delicious, gooey homemade cakes. However, when I go, I always have the same thing – scrambled egg on wholemeal toast with mushrooms, because that is what I like best!

The restaurant is very special to me and my friends because we meet there every Saturday. On Saturday’s about 500 people go to the local park for 9.00 in the morning to take part in a 5 km run. Afterwards, I like to go to breakfast at Jonty’s with three of my best friends. We feel we deserve a big breakfast after our run, and we enjoy catching up with each other’s news over a leisurely meal together.

So if ever you are in Sheffield, I hope you will find Jonty’s and enjoy it as much as I do.

[ Written by - Lucy Marris (UK) ]

Cue card Answer 3:
'Dine-excellence' is the largest restaurant in our city and this is my favourite restaurant. This restaurant offers a great dining experience and the view, both inside and outside, is quite spectacular. This is a beautiful restaurant with a great price and clean environment. I often go to this restaurant to enjoy my dinner with my wife or with my friends.  

It is a four storied restaurant and the 2nd floor is reserved for different parties or special events. The playground for children is quite large and children enjoy playing there. As a good number of toys are placed there, children get busy to play with them and parents can look after them from a distance. The roof-top is my personal favourite as it gives a very clear view of the adjacent nature and the clear blue sky. If it is not raining, I like to enjoy my dinner at the roof-top. The interior decoration of this restaurant is something that makes it stand out of the crowd. The soft music, delicious menu and well-mannered and prompt staffs make it a worth visiting place for food lovers.  

The variety of dishes this restaurant offers is another great thing about it. Someone will find almost any local or famous foreign menu there and the expert cooks make the food tasty and worth enjoying. Interestingly the price of the food in this restaurant is comparatively cheaper and that's the main reason I love this restaurant. Many other people also think that this restaurant offers great service, tasty dishes and good dining experience at a cheaper price. There are some other restaurants that offer nice dishes and good services, but the price of their menu is quite high.  

The weekly music concert and discount for regular customers are two other reasons I like it more than other restaurants in my city. Probably people who come here regularly also like these facts. I was very surprised to get even 40-50% discount in few occasions and they told me that this was their way of rewarding loyal customers. I would recommend anyone in this city to enjoy the delicious menu this restaurant offers and I am sure mt of them would like it.

Tips for answering this Cue Card Sample:

You should talk about a restaurant that you know about. Do not pick a renowned restaurant that you know very little. You are free to describe the interior design, service, external environment, dishes that are served in the restaurant the way you like. It does not have to be an exact match with the restaurant you actually go a lot. You should add some of your memorable events of this restaurant. Some of the common features that people like about a restaurants are:

1. Delicious dishes.
2. Reasonable price.
3. Easy to go there from home.
4. Quiet and nice environment.
5. Attractive decoration and view.
6. Playground for kids.
7. Open space.
8. Privacy.
9. Service and behaviour of the staffs.
10. Special treats for the regular customer.
11. A variety of foods.
12. Past memory related to the restaurant.
13. Recommendation from friends and family members.
14. Discounts, etc.

In your answer, you can use the above-mentioned points.

Necessary vocabulary for this cue card:

Appetiser, beverage, bill, cheque, buffet, complimentary, delicious, dessert, fine dining, homemade, patio, reservation, self-serve, side dish, waiter, waitress, set menu, cutlery, napkin, starter, main course, tip.

If you are prepared for this cue card sample you should be able to answer the following cue cards as well:

1. Talk about a place you often go to. (You can say that you often go to this restaurant)
2. Describe a place you would recommend your friends to visit.
3. Describe a party centre you went recently.
4. Describe a restaurant you recently visited.
5. Talk about a place where you often meet your friends.
6. Describe a restaurant that you enjoyed going to.

Part 3: Details Discussion:  

Q: Which one is better: home-made foods or foods from a restaurant?
Answer: This question is really enticing. It seems to me that home-made food is healthier; of course, because you are completely responsible for its preparation and you know exactly the ingredients that are included. For example, you are aware of the quantity of salt, olive oil, sugar, pepper et cetera. On the other hand, food at restaurants is undoubtedly more delicious and satiating, but it isn't as wholesome as the former. These types of foods are high in saturated fats and oils and they aren't easily digestible. So I would argue that restaurant food is tastier but home-made food is healthier. Moreover, foods from restaurants are quite costly while home-made foods are not.

Q: What traditional foods do you have in your country?
For the last three years I have been living in the UK but I am a native of Greece so I would like to talk about Greek traditional foods. Greek cuisine is renowned worldwide and not without a reason. First and foremost we have the famous Greek souvlaki combined with tzatziki. This is the first food that anyone who comes to Greece wants to taste. Going further, there is the Greek mousakas which is a really tasty dish and it consists of potatoes, eggplants, minced beef and cream. Similar to mousakas, pastitsio is equally delicious with some variations. There are many other foods, but I think that those I have already mentioned are the ''landmark'' of the Greek diet. 

Tip: You can write about your local foods, food of your own country. You can see some examples below:

England: fish and chips, different kinds of meat pies such as kidney, cottage, steak and pork pies, black peas, scotch eggs, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
Italy: pizza, spaghetti, breadsticks, aquacotta, carbonara, tortellini.
France: soupe à l'oignon, boeuf bourguignon, flamiche, ratatouille.
Germany: doner kebab, currywurst, wiener schnitzel, kasespatzle.
USA: pancakes, club sandwich, cheeseburger, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin and apple pie.

Q: What are the tourist attractions in your city?
Answer: I live in Hatfield which is 30 km north of London and there are many things tourists can see and do there. Firstly, it is really worth seeing Hatfield House which is on the eastern side of the town. Secondly, Mill Green Museum and watermill, Hatfield Park Farm and Hatfield Public Library are places that someone should visit without a doubt. Finally, the University of Hertfordshire and The Galleria Outlet Shopping are some good and interesting structures for everyone.

Tip: Think of your city's attractions and try to tell a few things about them. For example, you can talk about libraries, universities, monuments, museums, temples or even some locations that are preferred by many when they visit your city.

[Part 3 answers and tips are written by Mary, UK, Economist with Main Field of Studies in Business Economics.]

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