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Provides a detailed treatment of the concepts and applications of advanced digital signal processing.

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Discrete-Time Signals and Systems Frequency-Domain Signal and System Analysis The Discrete Fourier Transform Digital Filter Design Stochastic Processes State Variable Analysis Multirate Signal Processing Wiener Filtering Adaptive Filtering: Gradient Descent Algorithms Adaptive Filtering: Recursive Least Squares Power Spectrum Estimation Appendix: Mathematical Review References


". . .an excellent self-contained text for study at the level of graduate and postgraduate.. . .The authors succeeded in offering a very clear exposition, emphasizing the key problems arising in modern DSP. "
---Zentralblatt fur Mathematik
". . .clearly written and well presented. "
---Precision Instrumentation for Mechanical Engineers

After the war Taylor worked as a baker and hospital chef, and his interest in food was to lead to one of his most popular books, a work on fish and game cookery called One for the Pot. In later years he reached an even wider audience with an outdoor cookery spot on ITV's Heart of the Country.

Encouraged by his friend Dick Walker, the famous angler, Taylor had his first article published in Angling Times in 1954. He became particularly well-known for his writings on fishing, and developed techniques which are still successful today.

With his brother Ken and cousin Joe (they were known collectively as The Taylor Brothers) he did more than anyone to popularise methods of dead bait fishing for pike.

Taylor was the author of 18 books; the most recent – Rabbiting Man e_SEmD was published last year. He also wrote poetry (a selection was published in 2001 in his book Travellin' Man), and contributed regularly to newspapers and magazines.

Right up to his death, Taylor's articles featured in Shooting Times, for which he had written for more than 30 years. He also appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, TheDaily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Saga magazine, The Country Gentleman, The Mail on Sunday and most specialist angling publications.

Taylor was the first Englishman to receive the Silver Dolphin Award, the highest honour in sport fishing in the United States. He was awarded the title Countryman of the Year by the Countryside Alliance in the late 1990s.

During his extensive travels Taylor became adept at survival techniques. Even in his late seventies he would camp out in the icy temperatures of a Canadian winter just for the fun of it.

Taylor had a mischievous sense of humour, and was a great oenophile, making his own wines from ingredients gathered from the hedgerows. With his love of folk music, he liked nothing better than to play his guitar and sing round a camp fire.

In recent years he was closely involved with Chris Tarrant in raising funds for Angling Projects, an organisation set up in west London to help inner city youngsters get involved with fishing instead of with drugs and crime.

This year he was appointed MBE.

Fred Taylor met his wife, Carrie, after they had become penpals during his wartime service. She predeceased him, and he is survived by their daughter.

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