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How We Acquire Knowledge

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How We Acquire Knowledge

When I think about knowledge the first thing that comes to my mind is education. I believe that knowledge comes to people by their experiences in life. In other words, life is an instrument that leads me to gain knowledge. Many people consider that old people are wise because they have learned from good and bad experiences throughout their lives. Education requires work, dedication and faith to gain knowledge. We acquired knowledge through the guidance of from parents, role models, college/University teachers and life experiences.

When we were little our parents had to guided us because we did not have the ability to live by ourselves. Sometimes, for some people, their parents taught them or they sent them to school to develop their knowledge. Parents helped their children to do their homework. They encouraged them to continue their early education. Parents help their children to build confidence in their life. A child with confidence is able to has a positive attitude in school. Also, help the child to be positive in his leaning. Many children have problems learning in school because parents do not give them support. Instead, they tell them that they are not good nothing. Also, parents help to build ways of learning at an early age. When we were, little we did not know how to study, how to read. Our parents found the best way to learn the basic education.

As students, knowledge is very important to guide us to continuo our education. A way to acquire knowledge is to have a role model in our lives. In this society almost every child, adult and elder has o had has a hero in their lives. It is very important to have someone to admire because it helps to increase our interest in education and eventually it will lead us to gain knowledge. Role models make the students to feel positive that they will be able to fulfill their dreams. For example, I grew up in a Christian family. My role model since I was a little girl was Jesus. I wanted to be like him, and follow all his teachings. I knew that I could gain knowledge through his words. I know that most religions have a leader that most of the people follow.

In schools, teachers can be role models. Many students want to be like their favorite teacher.

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Teachers have the responsibility to guide us to attain knowledge. Teachers need to show us a door of knowledge. How do they show us the door of knowledge? through their experience of teaching. Many teachers use different methods to make their students to learn. They know the best way that students needto gain knowledge. Although I know that teachers cannot always be there to guide us, we need to do our best to learn from them. Teachers sometimes act like our parents because they give us encouragement and sometimes they give us a push to continue our education.

Teachers are an example that knowledge can be passed on. They have learned from their own experiences and they studied hard to improve their knowledge. Every year students in their classes gain knowledge from their teachers. Mike Rose is the author of the article, “Live on the Boundary” and in his article he quotes Elizabeth Ewen saying, “it is what we are excited about that educate us”(98).

Books are another way to acquire knowledge to pass on. I think this is a very important way to acquired knowledge because it is very simple to apply in our lives. We do not know when we have acquired knowledge. Mike Rose would be considered a person that gained knowledge through his books. He did not have much when he was growing up, but he acquired knowledge through reading. He felt that he actually acquired knowledge through his books. In the article, “live on the Boundary Rose said, “Eventually the books that seemed so distant, those Great books, would work this way into my curiosity I wrote”(99). Mike Rose is an excellent example of how easy it is to learn and acquire knowledge from books.

We have learned that teachers play an important roll in acquiring knowledge. I believe that college does not bring out the full knowledge of the student to face the world. College gives the students basic theory to start their life. It helps that people may become empowered by their education and transform into their life. Jon Spayde in his article argues his point that people learn knowledge out of school. He explained the argument of Abel Lomas. Abel Lomas said that school helps, but it’s just the beginning of the engagement between ideas and reality. Abel argues the education we get in College is the basic step to acquire knowledge.

People learn by the variety of techniques they development in getting education. They use their best method to learn. This argument reminds me of Adrienne Rich, the author of,What Does a woman need to know,When she insist that everyone must take control of the learning experience, you have the training and the tools to do independent research, to evaluate data, to criticize, and to express in language and visual forms what your discover.(47) In other words school is a tool that we use to acquire knowledge.

The last point that I would like to emphasize is that we acquire knowledge through life experience. People tend to learn from their mistakes. Humans were created to be different from animals. We have the ability to think and analyze our experiences to distinguish right from wrong. We have discussed before that school gives the formal education to acquire knowledge. Through our living, we are going to put in practice that basic knowledge that we acquired in school. When people have their first child, usually the parents do not have any experience. They do what the doctor tells them to do. However, when they have the second child they know what to do, they do not do the make mistakes that did with the first child.

What we can learn from how to acquire knowledge is that it does not matter how we acquire knowledge, what really matter is that we are acquire it. It is important to work hard, to teach, and to learn so that we become enriched with knowledge. Also, it is important to learn from our parents, teachers, and our role modes, then to put practice in our life experience.

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Gaining Knowledge by Reading

Posted on March 21st, 2014 by Elaine Horner in Daily Motivation

Gaining knowledge by reading is one of the best options that we have.   We can literally witness the experiences and thoughts that people have documented throughout the ages.

John Maxwell, well know author,speaker and  leadership coach shared this insite from his life.

He said, “My father understood the value of reading.   He paid an allowance to my older brother and younger sister to read 30 minutes a day.  He put the books in our hands, that he wanted us to read.   He specifically choice books he wanted us to read to be successful.  Some of the great classics in life like “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  Norman Vincent Peale, “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

John said that these books literally changed their life and direction.  This demonstrates the power of gaining knowledge by reading.

Gaining Knowledge . . .

Books are helpful for kids to put the basic values of life.  You can literally create within your child a mindset that will lead them to make wise choices.

If we want to put our money where our value is, than buy books for your yourself, your children and your grandchildren.  It really can change our life and their lives  You are investing in your future.  The right books can make a difference.


Because knowledge sets you apart from people who don’t understand and don’t know and that’s all because you spend time reading.

Just like what you eat feeds your body, what you think feeds your mind so it is important that you take special care what ideas you feed your mind with.

So, how do you go about feeding your mind with quality information and ideas?  By reading quality books.  Self education allows you to create a real fortune.  Reading exposes you to a variety of ideas that can help change your life forever.  Reading helps you to become wise

What to read

Read the words of King Solomon:

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her.” Proverbs 3:13-15

Reading can include the newspapers, magazines, work- or school-related books, fiction, and books on subjects of interest.

Reading fiction cannot only get you involved in the story, but is also a source of useful facts and representations of how people act and think.  I am not a fan of fiction books but historical fiction can be very helpful.

Books and magazine articles can teach, as well as give opinions of the authors.

Biographies inspire me greatly.  These are real people with a real story of success or defeat.  Stories of overcoming against all odds.  Stories of how they acted or reacted to what was thrown their way along this journey called life.

You should not only read about things you are interested, but also be curious enough to look into new material and different subjects.

Feed your mind with gems of wisdom everyday.  And remember, include the Bible in your daily readings.  Why?

“For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

Where to get material

The sources are unlimited.  The library that we have in our home is now pretty much digitalized online.  Some of the great classics and reference books that we paid a lot for can be accessed online.   You can get books from the library or bookstore.  You can access articles, essays and lessons over the Internet.

Become Selective in Your Choices

Problems concerning reading is separating the wheat from the chafe.  Among the useful information exists a large quantity of useless or even incorrect information.

May I suggest that you find a particular author that you enjoy and has inspired you and look for his latest work.  Ask a friend who reads a lot and is putting what he reads into practice, what he is reading.  Do your homework and seek out good authors and books.  Your time is valuable and you do not want to waste.

Speed-reading and skim reading are useful skills to help decide what you should bother with.

Summary on Gaining Knowledge by Reading

Reading is an important way to gain knowledge.  As you think about reading, think of it as an investment.  It is an investment in you.  The knowledge you gain will set  you apart from people who don’t understand and don’t know.  This is all because you spend time reading.

Bonus:  Reading will also increase your vocabulary and your ability to express your thoughts.  It will make you to become a leader.

“One should not depend on formal education alone to gain knowledge.
Formal education makes you a living, while self education makes you a fortune”.
Jim Rohn

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