Assistant Curator Cover Letter Sample

Curator Cover Letter

Curator resume cover letter is prepared in addition to drafting a resume for the post of a curator. The duties of a curator includes preservation of the works of art, document artifacts at museum, keeping all the objects and documents in a good condition and preserve them for a longer period. It is related with historic documents and objects maintenance and conservation of the same.

The following are specimen of cover letters for an experienced and for fresher candidate.

1.Cover Letter (Experienced Candidate)

William Atkinson
245/56, Western Street,
387, MN 12342 California
Contact No.: 234-762-9835

Lobelia Exhibition Gallery,
Novella Park Street, 2656,
KV 234 344
Los Angeles

Subject: An application for the post of a Curator

Dear Sir,

I came across the aforesaid opening in the advertisement appearing in the 'California Times' dated 28th October 2013.

The qualifications and skills which I hold include the following;

  • Bachelor in arts
  • Fondness for the collection and preservation of rare pieces
  • Interested in organizing and witnessing exhibitions
  • Worked as an assistant curator for the period of 2 years
  • Acquainted with necessary ms applications
  • Well familiar with all the functions and duties of a curator

While discharging the duties as an assistant curator I familiarized myself with and observed the various tasks to be performed by a curator. Thus, I would be happy if I get an opportunity to show my potential as a curator. Hope for a positive reply in connection with the same. You can contact me personally if required. Thank you for your kind consideration. Here, please find enclosed copy of my resume and experience certificate.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

William Atkinson


  • Resume
  • Experience certificate

2. Cover Letter Example (Fresher)

Christopher Laurence
Room No. 154,
South West Avenue
123433 MV, California
Contact No.: 265-987-6572

Rolland exhibition Gallery
4543, Eastern Plaza,
344/60 WB
Los Angeles

Subject: An application for the post of a Curator

Dear Sir,

I came to know of the opening of a curator in your gallery from the advertisement in the Daily Times' dated 28th October 2013.

As a fresher I do not have that much experience in this area. But I would like to highlight that right from my very childhood I have been fascinated towards the collection and preservation of antique pieces. I have completed a 'bachelors in arts' and possess good knowledge about the different techniques and chemicals to be used for preservation of antique pieces. I am familiar with various tasks performed by the curator and can discharge them personally. It is my passion and I would like to pursue it as a career where I can acquire practical experience and learn about its different facets.

I hope that you will give me an opportunity to have a personal interaction with you. You can contact me if required.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Christopher Laurence


  • Resume
  • Educational certificates

Thus, while writing cover letter for the post of a curator one should highlight the experience in that area as a curator or the accomplishments which will help him to discharge the duties as a curator. A curator is responsible for preservation of a work of art, documents, record and artifacts, keeping objects and documents for a longer period by conservation of the same.

Dear Mr. Josephson,

I was excited to read about the opening for an art curator at the Langley Museum of Fine Arts. I have been working as a curator for Hallowell Art Gallery for the past six years and would enjoy moving to a similar role in a museum. I have a Ph.D. in Museum Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

I have specialized in Western and Asian collections. My work includes designing specific exhibits and procuring pieces. I am skilled with grant writing and have secured funding for multiple projects through the National Endowment of the Arts. I have lectured about and researched art collections.

I am highly creative, technologically proficient and am an effective communicator. I am skilled with handling difficult patrons and good at resolving conflicts and issues. My experience includes conducting public workshops and storing, maintaining, inventorying and acquiring art pieces for exhibits.

I would love to join the Langley Museum of Fine Arts as the new art curator and know I have the skills and knowledge to succeed. I am requesting an interview and I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my qualifications and have attached my resume. Please call me to schedule an interview.


Sean Fitzsimmons

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