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Version 7.0 is now available




That would be a good idea and I'm sure many instructors would find it useful. However, I think there are also many reasons why this is not possible in Canvas right now. One reason is that if assignment submissions include several different types of files (for example, PDFs and Word documents), there would be no easy way to combine these for easy printing. Combining files may also create confusion if students haven't properly labeled assignments with their names and would take much longer to process in Canvas before the download begins.


Please don't think that I'm trying to disparage your idea, I only want to point out some of the reason that this currently isn't a feature in Canvas. Perhaps the easiest way to print all downloaded submissions is to open all the downloaded files and print them all at the same time. If the submissions are Microsoft Word files, you can open one Word document and combine all documents into one for easy printing. There are likely ways to accomplish this with other types of files, but it may require paid software.


I do recommend you post this idea in other areas of the Canvas Community as there may be a teacher or admin who has found a creative solution to this. You can post this as a new feature idea in the Canvas Studio or ask a question in the Find Answers section.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have in the future.



- Nathan

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