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Brahmakumari Meenaji the soft spoken, calm and poised Chief co-coordinator of the Brahmakumari, of Palakkad and Malappuram District in her own inimitable style brought meditative silence in the hearts of 135 students and 70+ staff members when she addressed them on 21st February 21, 2018 in the premises of Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode on the solemn Jyothi Daan Day. Such firm words, which brooked no argument, leave alone any second opinion, from a person with an angelic aura came first as a shocker and when the significance of the wise words sunk in, added to the emotive ambience of the occasion.

The gathering probably expected words covered with sweetness but Meenaji pulled no punches in calling a spade a spade. Starting from stating that parents and teachers are divine because forgiving the students/wards for their misdemeanors willful or otherwise is their second nature, she delivered the knock out punch by stating firmly that it definitely does not absolve the students from the effects as long as Newton’s Law operates (ignorance of the law does not excuse you or exempt you, of course)

As you give, so shall you receive in magnitude and direction: unerring merciless and unfailing. Notwithstanding, the receiver of your thoughts, words and actions forgive you every time unconditionally. Be aware of this law of karma. Give love, you shall receive love. You give care, care you shall receive. Need I list out the negatives that one can dish out? Thoughts will suffice to set the ball rolling. It need not even transcend to words or mature into actions. So there you are kids! Don’t say you have not been warned! Guard EVEN your thoughts.

Now some facts about action:  Sister re-visited the realms of arithmetic which augmented her firm stand that people need to take responsibility instead of playing the game of passing the buck; the buck stops where it starts. Better learn and become smart. What better way to smarten oneself than through Mathematics!

Doing (+)

What you are supposed to (+)

(+) times (+) is a (+)

Gives positive result

Not doing (-)

What you are not supposed to (-)

(-) times (-) is a (+)

Gives a positive result

Doing (+)

What you are not supposed to (-)

(+) times (-) is a (-)

Gives a negative result

Not doing (-)

What you are supposed to (+)

(-) times (+) is a (-)

Gives a negative result

No other parameters, variables to give you an escape route kids, it is “only you! Just YOU!” As a lyric goes. So you cannot take refuge under the bad and ugly social media, peer pressure or influence (I am OK they are not OK), poor parenting (they never understood me), misguided teachers (they always target me, he is also doing it, she is also doing it), and immoral society (is so corrupt), nothing which will absolve you. Yours is the thought, yours are the words, and yours is the action. There are no separate rules. Juvenile and adult treated on the same footing, minors and majors enjoy the same Principles in the Bank of Karma. No Human Rights Forum can rescue you. Of course Child Help line is available as always if you look up to your parents and teachers, but not after the act but before, which is not all that convenient isn’t it?

So the smart kid that you are, it will do good to remember Newton and basic arithmetic! Thank you Sister! We are all still reeling under your words of strong conviction! Adults, because we know with our life experiences how the logic of your reasoning is unbeatable and the children because an angel fed them bitter medicine!

Usha Malayappan, PGT Economics

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