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  • "Over the years I have closed real estate transactions with several Title companies around town, and I can't remember any of them. These companies were completely serviceable, and did a fine job, I guess that is an ok thing, I don't really think too much about title insurance. However, I recently had the pleasure to meet several folks over at Canyon Title. The professionalism and expertise were certainly memorable, and I left with the feeling that Canyon Title really understands how important it is for their clients to have a smooth closing. I have heard several stories of the Pros at Canyon Title going way out of their way to ensure that all the "t"s are crossed and the "i"s are dotted. Now I have zero doubt that these stories are actually facts. Canyon Title will be my title company of choice from here on out!"
    - Brian G., Littleton, CO

  • "We had a problem with our original HUD statement and the payout from our former lender. The problem was handled very quickly and efficiently, and was resolved in less than one business day. Shandelle was superb. Great company, great people!"
    - Jim V., Louisville, CO

  • "The entire staff at Canyon is so professional and willing to help and accommodate my requests. Ben Bunte and Mike Carwin, by far exceed all expectations. They are always willing to go over and above to make things happen and get our loans closed. It is truly a pleasure to work with such top notch professionals, and I would highly recommend them and Canyon Title to anyone."
    - Leslie L., Aurora, CO

  • "Tiffany Malafronte was our closer. She provided us with a Spanish speaking closer by the name of Leon Crawford. He was AWESOME!!! He was gentle, and courteous and made them feel confident about the transaction. My clients walked away from the closing guaranteeing more referrals for my business! I contribute some of that to Canyon Title for a job well done in providing the translator! Most large Title company's don't provide that service, and if they do it's not as sufficient as it was the Canyon Tile. I greatly appreciate it!"
    - T Wilcox

  • "Even though I was running late as the seller's agent, Canyon started the closing and everything went smoothly, as usual. Seller and Buyer was happy which is very important. They are always available for questions and changes -- Canyon title cares about the details!!"
    - Rochelle Landau

  • "Best experience with a title company ever! Tony and his team quickly respond to my requests and get they get me and my team what we need within the hour of our request. The folks at Canyon are professional and can always seem to find me a closer no matter how far away the client(s) live. My clients are always well taken care of with Canyon title and for that reason I will only work with Canyon Title for my refinance transactions. I also love seeing their name on our purchase contracts."
    - Sean Houlihan

  • "Canyon Title was great, always helpful and responsive and easy to work with!"
    - Julie Trivers:

  • "Great Service. Tony, Sabrina and the rest of the staff are amazing. My title company for life :-)"
    - Kemper Lewis

  • Replacing a Lost Title in Colorado

    You're going to need your certificate of title if you plan to register or sell your vehicle in Colorado. If you've misplaced your CO vehicle title, you're going to need to get a hold of a replacement through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.

    Actually, you can apply for a duplicate title with the Colorado Department of Revenue when your title is illegible, lost, stolen, mutilated, or altered.

    Continue reading this page for all the instructions you need to apply for your replacement title in Colorado.

    Applying for a Duplicate Title in CO

    If your title has been lost, stolen or damaged, you must apply for your replacement title in person at your nearest county office in Colorado.

    You'll need to make sure to bring the following materials:

    • Appropriate identification, if your vehicle was purchased on or after 7/1/2006.
    • The VIN number and title number of your vehicle.
    • Payment of $8.20 for the duplicate title fee.

    For those living outside of Colorado, you can download a Duplicate Title Request and Receipt (Form DR 2539A) and send it to the following address:

    Colorado Department of Revenue
    DMV - Titles Section
    Denver CO 80217

    You'll need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the DMV to send you the duplicate title. The DMV will also require you to provide a photocopy of the acceptable documents listed in the Secure and Verifiable ID (Form DR 2841) when you apply by mail.

    Walk-in requests can be processed at the following address:

    Colorado Department of Revenue
    DMV- Titles Section
    1881 Pierce Street
    Lakewood, CO 80214

    Notes on Liens

    Only owners, lienholders, or authorized agents may apply for duplicate titles, which means that if you do not own the vehicle, you have to become an "authorized agent" with notarized statements or power of attorneys. Forms are available online or at any county office.

    If you have lien on your vehicle, you'll have to provide a notarized lien release on the lienholder's (usually a bank) letterhead. Make sure to include the following information on the signed lien release:

    • Make and year of the vehicle.
    • VIN number.
    • Name of owner.
    • Agent's signature.
    • Date of lien release.

    If you are the lienholder and the lien isn't filed in Colorado, you will still need to provide a Power of Attorney from the owner.

    In the case of repossession, you'll have to include a Statement of Repossession (Form DR 2393) and a certified copy of the security agreement.

    If you have any questions about liens and authorized agents, call your county office for more information.

    NOTE: You do not have to submit a noticed lien release on a letterhead if your lienholder is an individual.

    Changing Information on Your Title

    NOTE: Be sure to update your name with the Social Security Administration prior to dealing with the Department of Revenue.

    If you recently changed your name or moved, you'll need to update your driver license or identification card before applying for your a title with your updated name.

    You can read our Changing Your Name and Changing Your Address pages for more information.

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