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As the face you present to the hiring manager, your cover letter is crucial for making the kind of strong first impression that will land you your next job. Unlike the possibly dull, dry facts presented in your resume, your cover letter is the perfect venue for you to let your personality shine through and showcase your enthusiasm for your field. This professional esthetician cover letter sample will help you hit all the marks for a letter that the hiring manager is sure to keep in mind.

Professional Esthetician Cover Letter Sample

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Esthetician Cover Letter Must-Haves

As an esthetician, you know that part of your job is making your customers feel welcome and secure, and the hiring manager will be scanning your letter for signs that you have the right personality for the job. Sharing a little bit about your own history in the field, as in this professional esthetician cover letter sample, is a great way to make your letter feel more personal and also more engaging to read. Just make sure that the story you tell is both appropriate and a good use of the space on the page. Overall, your cover letter should be professional and concise.

Best Action Verbs for an Esthetician Cover Letter

Make your letter interesting to read like the professional esthetician cover letter sample above by using verbs that really pop, such as assisted, consulted, performed, applied, advised, helped, provided, encouraged, and referred.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Samantha Stevens,

When I heard that the White Rose Salon had an open esthetician position, I was very excited. I admire your reputation as a quality, customer-oriented establishment. As an enthusiastic and respectful professional with a true passion for skincare, I believe I have a lot to offer your business. My interest in skincare dates back to my teenage years, when I started taking care of my own appearance and quickly realized I could help other people feel confident and healthy too. This passion drives me to excel at what I do. I take pride in my work and stay on top of all the latest news and research in skincare. Your job posting mentions that you are looking for someone with a professional attitude and a focus on customer service. I am respectful of the customer’s time and have never kept anyone waiting for an appointment. I also strongly believe in the importance of making sure customers always feel comfortable. Some people can be embarrassed by their skin, and I see it as my job to help them feel healthy and beautiful both during and after treatment.I hope you agree that my skills and qualifications would make me a good fit for your company. I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you soon about how I could bring my eagerness and my dedication to quality care to the White Rose Salon. Thank you for your consideration.

John Doe

Esthetician Cover Letter

Never written a cover letter? Here we are to help you in creating a perfect cover letter for you. Before we start with the actual cover letter, let us know what a cover letter is. A cover letter is a business document that is written to catch the attention of the recruiter. If cover letter is good, the chance of not getting an interview call is very unlikely.

Esthetician is a person who is concerned with the beauty of skin. Beautifying skin is their work. Here is given a sample cover letter of Esthetician. The sample given here is written in a format that is identified as a formal authentic format of cover letters. We request you not to astray from the format. Avoid using colors and fancy words in cover letters. Be authentic and do not sound very desperate for the job.

Your Name:
Contact Information:
Email Address:

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Employer's Name:
Company's Name:

Sub: Application for the post of esthetician

Ref: Your ad in the New York Times dated June8, 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam,

With reference to your classified in The New York Times dated June 1, 2011, I would like to apply for the post of esthetician in your beauty centre. I am aware of the fact that to work as an esthetician is not an easy task and have many challenges in it. I would like to offer my dedication, knowledge and services to your reputed beauty center for the benefit of the clients,

I have excellent communication skills and managerial skills. I am a graduate in science with diploma in skin treatments. I have attended many courses and workshops organized by the famous Esthetician Institutes.

I have worked for 3 years with ABC skin clinic as an esthetician. My responsibilities included talking to the client about the problems, making an assessment of the treatments to be given, deciding and organizing sessions, instructing the clients about the preventive measures to be taken during and after treatment and counseling and I have trained the fresher in various fields like cleaning the equipments and organizing appointments.

Enclosed with this letter is my resume and copies of my certificates. I can be contacted at the address mentioned above. I am eagerly awaiting your phone call for a personal interview.

With many regards,

Yours sincerely,

Tips on Writing Cover Letters

Follow these simple tips and make your cover letter impressive and effective.

  • Keep the cover letter short and precise. There is no need to put extra information like hobbies and interests. All these are already in your resume. a cover letter should give a quick and decent idea about you to the recruiter.
  • As far as possible avoid using names of persons in your cover letter unless asked for. Do not write any comments or personal views about the previous company you worked in.
  • Check and recheck your cover letter before sending. One mistake can put your career in danger. Go ahead and write a cover letter that will help you in getting a job you dream of. We wish you all the best.

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